Would You Pass the “Assault,” Please?

Marlin just came out with a new “modern” lever-action rifle.  They officially call it the “Dark Series.”  One Gun-Tuber called it an “assault rifle,” which precipitated some criticism on another gun forum.

The discussion starter said,

I hate the title assault rifle but that’s what they’re calling it.

Then another comment,

I don’t see marlin referring to it as an “assault rifle” at their website. Dark Series Lever-Action Rifles

So it’s the Youtuber that’s using the term “assault rifle,” not Marlin.

Normally I object to the use of the term “assault weapon” or “assault rifle” especially by “our side”, since it was created and is still used by the anti-2A faction to scare the muggles into unwittingly agreeing with their agenda to ban (eventually) all firearms.  My position has long been that “words matter,” and we should not encourage or enable the anti-2A faction by adopting their own politically-charged anti-gun lexicon.

A Modest Proposal

But the use of the term “assault” in relation to a LEVER action seems ridiculous, right? However, after some thought, it has made me reconsider my position. Perhaps we should hijack the term to defeat its effect and purpose! Just like we did with Hillary Clinton’s label, “deplorable.” Instead of objecting to “deplorable” as derogatory, we embraced it as a badge of honor!  We wore it with pride, emblazoned on hats and t-shirts.  And it worked!

Go with the flow!

Perhaps we, POTG (people of the gun), should use the “assault” and the more recently popular “military grade” labels for ALL guns. Assault revolvers. Assault pistols. Assault pump-action shotguns. Assault bolt-actions. And yes…. assault lever-action cowboy guns!

Be a tactical cowboy!

If we OVER-use it, it reduces its intended power by our enemies! Whattaya think?

I was headed off at the pass with this comment…

No. They already over use words to generalize everything they don’t like, even if it doesn’t fit. You start calling everything assault, it will make it easier for them to try to ban it.

I disagree. It won’t make it “easier to ban” if the power of the word is weakened by extreme / exaggerated / sarcastic / satirical over-use.  Let’s go nuts with it!  Let’s turn it back on the anti-liberty tyrants!

Assault bullets. Assault scopes. Assault slings. Assault range bags. Assault cleaning rods. Assault shooting gloves. Assault ear muffs. Assault eye pro.

Of course, the anti-liberty / anti-2A faction are quite fond of twisting words and definitions to advance an agenda. My “proposal” is that we use similar tactics by twisting their mis-use of the words to such an extreme that it all appears silly and loses any credibility.  Fighting against emotional arguments with facts doesn’t work.  We need to change our tactics:  emotion vs emotion.

Edit to add (11/30/23):  On that same forum, someone mentioned the term, “assault prevention rifle!”  I love it!  It makes perfect sense.  We should all use that term liberally!

Boo! 👻

Perhaps we should do the same thing with the “ghost gun” term.

This is my latest “assault ghost pistol!”  It shoots “.9-mm lung blowers!”  See what I did there?

More than words…

Let’s turn “words mean something” into “THEIR words mean nothing!”

At the Thanksgiving table, “Would you pass the assault gravy so I can enhance this military-grade (dry) turkey, please?”

I think I’ve stumbled onto something here! :) Comment below!


  1. Precisely as you suggested owning the “Deplorables” moniker as a big of honor totally disarmed the negative connotation of that label, taking the “assault” adjective to extreme ridiculousness may turn out to be hilarious!

    1. The idea came to me just this morning when I read that thread about the “Assault” lever-action rifle from Marlin.
      “Nobody needs an assault cowboy gun!”

      “EVERYONE needs an assault cowboy gun!”

      That’s better.

  2. You certainly have a flair for words my brother….and you may have started a new catch phrase….POTG…when you start printing shirts I’m a 3x.

    1. Haha… I can’t claim coining “POTG.” I’ve seen it many times elsewhere in the gun blogosphere and forums.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Outstanding commentary. Yes indeed all objects that may cause harm should be labeled =“assault”
    POTG- new PGB catch phrase ! Hot hot hot.🔫🇺🇸🗽
    Let me get out my assault salt

    1. Thanks for checking it out and commenting!
      Of course “assault” is a behavior, not an object. But if they (anti-liberty) are going to twist words to vilify gun owners and guns, then let’s twist their own words to the extreme… thereby robbing their words of any real significance or meaning.

  4. Pejorative terms , for me at least, have gotten to the point they have little or no sting.
    I am Racist. I am a Bigot. I am very ethnocentric. And for the most part, I have no
    problem with anyone I don’t have to carry in one form or another. You get that way
    when you ride for the brand.

    I’m also a ” From my cold dead hands”, gun person having been outside the warm and fuzzy
    safe places. Cowboy Assault rifles are a good thing. I hope Marlin churns out a ton of them.

    The more Omeprazole I can make the keening gun haters consume the happier I am

    1. Thanks for checking out the blog article. I agree with your views on being vacuously labeled a “racist” or “bigot,” etc. Ironically, the reflexive name-callers are often the ones unwittingly engaging in bigotry.

      One of the fun parts about owning “scary” firearms is knowing that it makes the liberal ninnies cry.

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