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...the place to be for all home-built things that go pew, and more!

Polymer80, Glock-Style "P80," 80%, 3D printed, privately made firearms (aka "PMF"), pistol and AR-15 rifle builders will find a plethora of building resources, tips, tricks and troubleshooting, along with a community of helpful fellow enthusiasts, hobbyists, and true experts.

This forum was created to fill the void left by the departure of the Marine Gun Builder Forum (aka "MGB").  Patriot Gun Builders Forum is intended as a gathering place for like-minded Patriots who enjoy the firearm hobby, spreading the message of Freedom, and asserting our Constitutional Rights (all of them), as Americans. 


The focus of this forum is home-built firearms, which have been legal since the birth of this Nation.  It remains legal today.

This is a place for the lawful sharing of information and enthusiasm and passion for the gun-building and gunsmithing hobby.  Please be sure to read the rules of the forum here.


P80, Polymer80, AR-15, 80% frames

We think you'll agree this forum's user interface is the best out there, and it will make your experience smooth and easy.

The forum was launched live online on February 26, 2022.  It's a work in progress.  This simple home page is just a jumping off point.  I'll be adding to it as time goes on.  For now, I'm a one-man show (with a family and a job).  But, you'll find the Patriot Gun Builder's Forum to be quite robust. 

If you're just recently interested in home built firearms, or if you're an experienced builder, we look forward to your contributions!  Jump in!  Click the links above or the forum screenshot image below to visit the forum.

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